• News: To make your jump records even better, since 6th of April 2018 we have switched the resolution from HD to Full HD. However, due to that fact we need to extend the processing and editing time of your video.

    Your files will be uploaded on our cloud system after the jump. You will use your personal cloud link located on your tandem jump certificate which you receive after the jump.

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Our tandem jumps

Best and Cheapest Skydiving experience in Europe

Experience unforgettable adrenaline rush! It is simple, safe and super fun. How does it work?
1. Book your tandem jump date and time
2. Get to our headquarters in downtown Prague, steps from the Old Town Square on time
3. Transport to the drop zone
4. 5-10minutes training and straight to the sky!
Enjoy the view from the plane while climbing around 15 minutes up to the tandem jumping altitude of 4200m (14000ft).
Once the skydiving altitude is reached, green light goes on and off you go!
Once you jump, you enjoy a free fall for one minute and then six minutes enjoying the flight on the parachute.
The whole time you just enjoy the moment and let the professional pilot operate the parachute and perform a smooth landing. How hard is the tandem landing? Like sitting on a chair!



Jump from up to
4200 meters


Enjoy 60 seconds
of freefall!


Cruise the sky for
another 6 minutes

Now you have an option to get everything recorded on camera as well!

Get your tandem jump recorded in Full HD!

The Skydiving experience is unforgettable, however, we recommend to capture the moment on video so you can have fun sharing it with friends and family as well as looking back at the great adrenalin memories later.
If you opt in for the camera options, our cameramen will catch the best moments for you.
From gearing up, taking off to jumping from the place and enjoying the moments, every single moment is captured.
Video records and photos are edited and sent to you by email. As well you receivean 8.0 GB USB Flash drive as a gift to have your files where to keep forever, as a gift!
With the latest technologies that we implement at our site, you will get the USB supporting OTG protocol which will allow you to play the Full HD quality shots and video instantly on your smartphone.


The pick up location for the tandem jump is right downtown Prague, steps from Old Town Square. The transportation to the skydiving airport is arranged from there for free. The ride is short and comfort is guaranteed thanks to our new minivans with AC and comfortable seats. Please count one hour of extra time before and after the jump, that is necessary for the transport, explanation of the procedures, gear changing, camera set ups and pre-jump briefing.

  Dlouhá street 6, Prague 1
(open daily: 09 - 17 hod or individually after a phone call)
  +420 732 333 777

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