• News:Dear customers,to make Your jump record even better, we switch from 6.4.2018 to FULL HD resolution. However, we need to extend the processing time of Your record. Within 48 hours after Your jump, You will recieve a link from us by email to download Your video. If the link does not arrive, we guarantee a refund. Thanks for understanding!

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Reservation deposit

In order to improve the quality of our services we are now collecting a 600 CZK reservation deposit for each reservation. This will help us improve the effectivity of our day-to-day jumping operations, reduce waiting time, more timeslots options and most importantly as smooth experience as possible for You from beginning to end.

Running skydiving operation like ours requires lots of complicated preparation and skilled staff. For these reasons we need to know ahead how many tandem jump passengers exactly we will have for each day, so everything runs as swiftly as possible. All the more for us to keep our operation standard and lowest price in Europe, we need to have our plane effectively filled, otherwise the costs would be much higher.

Please use the form below to Pay the mandatory 600 CZK (per person) reservation deposit. Or if you choose so, you can pay the whole amount beforehand. Without the deposit, the reservation cannot be confirmed You can either pay with your PayPal account if you have one, or just enter your credit card details. Just choose an option and quantity. The deposit is substracted from the final price of the jump. E.g.: Total price for the tandem jump is 4200 CZK, you pay 600 CZK reservation deposit before and then 3600 CZK after the jump at the airport. All deposits are refundable if the skydive gets cancelled for weather or any other reasons by the provider. Other terms & conditions apply.

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The pick up location for the tandem jump is right downtown Prague, steps from Old Town Square. The transportation to the skydiving airport is arranged from there for free. The ride is short and comfort is guaranteed thanks to our new minivans with AC and comfortable seats. Please count one hour of extra time before and after the jump, that is necessary for the transport, explanation of the procedures, gear changing, camera set ups and pre-jump briefing.

  Dlouhá street 6, Prague 1
(open daily: 09 - 17 hod or individually after a phone call)
  +420 732 333 777

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