Is it safe?

Is it safe?

We use the most modern tandem gear. All of the equipment is serviced, maintained, packed and repacked by certified technicians and professionals. The secondary parachutes (reserves) are repacked and checked in frequency given by the law. Statistically speaking you are more likely to be struck by lightning than having a skydiving accident. Each of our professional tandem pilots has more than 10.000 jumps. We are on the market almost for 15 years already and every season we have around 10.000-15.000 customers. The whole company history is without any fatality!


The pick up location for the tandem jump is right downtown Prague, steps from Old Town Square. The transportation to the skydiving airport is arranged from there for free. The ride is short and comfort is guaranteed thanks to our new minivans with AC and comfortable seats. Please count one hour of extra time before and after the jump, that is necessary for the transport, explanation of the procedures, gear changing, camera set ups and pre-jump briefing.

  Dlouhá street 6, Prague 1
(open daily: 09 - 17 hod or individually after a phone call)
  +420 732 333 777

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